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-different views
    Generally, everyone has their own goals and plan set out, for the future, for the day, or for soon time to come. Though, in battle, or war, it's more of strategic standings, in which everyone fights for something. If it be twisted in other's views, it is just in their's. Munakata is somewhat complicated. Words can easily deceive those into thinking something else. Which is why you have to use the correct vocabulary to keep other's from getting confused. In the Blue King's case, he does so on purpose. " We will bring justice. " Can be seen in many different ways. As a figure of higher standings, things like this can affect subordinates' morale or views over things. Less likely to rebel, in what this lower ranked, Blue King, exactly wants.

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is just but a mask.

" Munakata, batto ! "

We will advance with sword in hand. No injustice will be left behind.

name : Munakata Reisi
age : 24
height : 185cm ( 6'0" )
aura : lightning
Clan: Scepter 4
Fourth King, known as the Blue King.


Leader of the Blue Clan, Scepter 4. Thus is a natural leader, with very strong command over his lower ranked comrades. Due to his very sophisticated appearance, he generally acts like such too. Speaks politely in tone, though his words are quite rude. Again, with this appearance, it's just as it entails. Really organized, keeping the right files as to where they are to be, and objects put in the ideal place in a room ( example : his own room ) for it to look nice. During battle he is a strategic book, full of mind games and correct / possible movements upon the battle field. Thus is a king to begin with. Though with intelligence comes his impressive skill with and without a rapier. Although prefers to keep one by his side at all times, just in case in front of a fierce enemy that he can't handle unarmed. In battle he loves to frustrate his opponent, and make them feel powerless, it's just a thing of his.

Is quite observate, and well aware of his area, so hiding is very ineffective against him. No ambushing for you all. Also, he is rather kept to himself, rather than going around and making friends and/or allies. Instead of being out he rather stay in his office and do paperwork and complete his puzzles.

hobbies : taking down injustice and completing puzzles.


Darker Navy blue hair, vibrant violet eyes, and a smooth peach skin type.

Munakata generally wears his uniform through the day, as he is on duty a majority of the time to begin with. Well, he doesn't take it off much to begin with, for some unknown reason. It's comfy perhaps. But he is also picky about what he wears, other than his work attire. So he'll be slightly dressed up a majority of the time out of his uniform, or on rest days. Then on vacation at tropical destinations he of course wears less, but still never the less is picky about how he seems to look. You know those glasses that he wears ? Yes, he of course wears those no matter what, since he needs them to see. As well as his glasses always being on, he keeps his sheathed rapier by his side at all times as well, being the precaution kind of guy.

「 smut and hard core gore in notes only please ~ 」

[ Oh-Yeah-Awesome ]

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